When To Replace Your Power Steering Pump

2 February 2023
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A key part of your car is the power steering pump. It helps you turn corners easily and provides you with better control over your vehicle. But how will you know when the time comes to replace your power steering pump? Here are a few signs that tell you when it might be time for a new one.

Strange Noises

An easy way to tell if the power steering pump needs replacing is by listening for any unusual noises coming from under the hood. If you hear whining, groaning or clunking sounds when you're turning, this could indicate that there's something wrong with your power steering system. This could mean that either the fluid levels are low or something more serious, like a blockage in the pump itself. In any case, getting it checked out as soon as possible is essential for keeping your car running smoothly.

Difficulty Turning Corners

Another sign that indicates an issue with your power steering pump is difficulty turning corners at low speeds. Without enough pressure from the pump to assist in maneuverability, turning corners becomes much harder and requires more effort than usual. If this is happening while driving, then it's definitely time to take a look at what might be causing this issue before it gets worse.

Leaking Fluid

The last sign of a problem with your power steering pump is leaking fluid underneath your car. This could indicate an issue with either the fluid level or a fault within the actual components of the system itself, such as worn seals or broken hoses. Whatever the cause, it's important to get this fixed as soon as possible before any further damage occurs and repair costs become more expensive than necessary.


It's important to pay attention to any signs that indicate there might be something wrong with your power steering system — especially if those signs include strange noises coming from under the hood or difficulty turning corners at low speeds due to lack of pressure from the pump. Also, if there's any evidence of fluid leakage underneath your car then this should not be ignored, as this could cause further damage if left unchecked for too long. Taking care of these issues early on will save you both money and hassle in the long run, so make sure you get them looked at right away. For more advice, contact an auto parts shop today.