Is Your Diesel Engine In Dire Need Of Mechanical Attention?

4 December 2017
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Diesel engines indubitably are built for durability and high performance. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they are beyond succumbing to wear and tear. With time, your engine may start to give you signals of deterioration, and it would be imperative to know how to spot these signs if you are to avoid a breakdown in the middle of the road. So what are a few of the symptoms that would indicate that your diesel engine is in dire need of mechanical attention?

Your engine is losing power

Diesel engines are quite powerful. All you need to do is put the pedal to the metal, and your car should be able to meet your demands. However, if you find that no matter how much fuel you are providing your engine with it is still sputtering, chances are the engine has developed a mechanical problem. One of the typical reason or power loss is blockages within the fuel injector. The sole purpose of the fuel injector is to supply fuel to the cylinder. This fuel mixes with the air inside the cylinder, causing a chemical reaction that should ignite the piston. If the fuel injector is clogged, the cylinder does not receive the fuel, and thus there will not be an explosion to spur the piston. Fortunately, your mechanic can easily replace your fuel line. Nonetheless, if the problem is severe, you may have to get it replaced in its entirety.

Your engine is backfiring

When your diesel engine begins to backfire, it means that there is excessive fuel or insufficient sparing for the engine to work. When the fuel injected into the cylinder is inadequate, then there will not be any combustion occurring in the chamber. As a result, you will hear a pop somewhere else in the engine system, and this is typically accompanied with black smoke from the exhaust. It would be advisable to have your engine checked out to determine what is causing the misfiring. Another sign to be wary of would be ash or oil coating the spark plugs. These coatings will also cause the spark plugs to misfire, and subsequent engine trouble.

Your engine is vibrating

You may not have experienced a breakdown yet, but if you slow down or come to a stop and feel excessive vibrations emanating from the engine, there is a high likelihood of engine trouble. These tremors are typically accompanied by a significant power loss from your engine. You may also encounter some problems starting up the engine, and the car could even stall the next time it is idle. Therefore, your mechanic should have a look at any undue vibrations.