Do You Need a Diesel Engine in Your New Vehicle?

5 July 2016
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When in the market for a new vehicle, you may note that diesel engines are sometimes more expensive than those that run on standard petrol. You may be tempted to save money on your purchase by opting for the petrol engine, but remember that a car should be considered a long-term investment. The purchase price isn't the only consideration when it comes to how well a vehicle works for you. Note a few reasons why you may need a diesel engine for your new vehicle and why it can be a good investment even if it means paying a little bit more at the dealership.

Will you be towing anything in the future?

If you know that your next purchase after a new vehicle will be a new boat, caravan, or ATV, how will you tow it? Even if a petrol engine-powered vehicle says it can tow the weight of your boat or other item, the engine often runs hotter than normal and your transmission and brakes need replacing and service earlier than usual because of this added weight. A diesel engine gives you the power you need for towing more easily, as well as maximum control when going up and down hills while pulling that added weight, keeping you safer.

Do you work on your own vehicle in a small garage?

Did you know that diesel engines don't release the same amount of fumes and far less carbon monoxide than petrol engines? This makes them safer to work on in a small garage where ventilation may be limited. It can also mean staying safer in the cab of the vehicle, as you will have less risk of inhaling any fumes from your engine when you choose diesel.

Diesels run on biofuels

Biofuels are those made from biological materials rather than petroleum. This would include farm waste and scrap that is broken down into useable fuel. Using biofuel means not using up crude oil, which is a limited and nonrenewable resource. While biofuels do release some carbon dioxide when burned in an engine, this is offset by the carbon dioxide absorbed by those same plants before they are harvested and broken down for feed and the scraps that make those biofuels. This makes biofuels a very eco-friendly choice. While petrol engines can be retrofitted to accept biofuels, this is often a very expensive process. Choosing a diesel engine can mean using biofuels immediately without that added expense. Check out a company like L.K. Diesel Service for more information.