Let There Be Light: Choosing The Best Headlights For Your Vehicle

9 July 2015
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The days of the old, pure tungsten-filament headlamp are long gone, and the modern headlamp market offers a wide variety of models, types and price points. If you're purchasing a new car, or fitting aftermarket headlamps to a vehicle you already own, you'll want to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the type of headlights you'll be purchasing — not just for reasons of safety or efficiency, but because government legislation on how a headlight should perform is very strict, and steep fines are levied for non-compliance. Read More 

The Fundamentals Of Bushings And Advantages That They Offer

2 March 2015
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In 2012, 71% of Australians over the age of 18 travelled to work or school by passenger cars. With such a huge reliance being placed on automobiles, understanding the unique properties between various parts can make a huge difference to one's purchasing decision. The shocks of a vehicle is often overlooked; although, it plays a fundamentally important role in making sure that the vehicle drives smoothly and responds quickly. There are different types of suspensions, like bushings and a sealed cartridge bearing; however, bushings supreme. Read More 

Three Signs That Indicate A Worn Clutch

19 February 2015
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Although a great number of people operate a manual vehicle, relatively few actually know or understand what a clutch does. Many people, of course, are happy to rely on the services of a garage to help them understand what is wrong with their clutch, but it still makes good sense to understand the basics of a clutch, and therefore, how to identify a fault. A faulty clutch usually manifests itself in one of three different ways; all three of these indicate that the clutch is in need of repair. Read More